Dana Ashlakoff is an artist who works with several different mediums including wood sculptures, paintings, cloth textures among other mediums.

Dana Ashlakoff
Dana Ashlakoff

Dana Ashlakoff’s  studio is located in Hazelwood, Victoria (see map below).

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My aim is to create universal works that are inclusive, cross cultures and are created from the environment I’m in.

The aesthetics within my practice are aligned with my ideology and one cannot work without the other. These ideals are for a society that considers diversity an admirable asset and is the only way to create equilibrium. Not only, tolerance and compassion towards diversity, but a true belief that parity alone weakens the outcome. The embracing and reliance on diversity is imperative. The differences are what makes an interesting society and exciting artworks.

The inspiration and visualization for my work is often triggered by a certain object or element, which has a particular quality that amuses, touches, or challenges. I then choose an adverse and conflicting element to create friction and work these together to reach an analogous outcome.
Incorporating objects into my work is often an act of rehabilitation; giving them a new dignity in which the old language of their previous quotidian existence and a new contemplative language is equally perceivable and thus creating a new art language, relevant to all.

Through various processes; painting, sewing, scratching, attaching, sanding, attacking, polishing and caressing, the outcome invariable equates even though opposing elements have been adopted. My process allows a perpetual altering of the form of meaning, in a poetic as much as in a formal or analytical sense.

Intuition and resonance tell me when the work is complete. I choose the beginning then trust intuition. Rarely do I use a brush as this distances me and I cannot feel what the piece is telling or showing me.

I take from others; ideas and unwanted articles that have variable significance. Appropriation is not as issue for me as I use all. I strive for connections and hope my works are meaningful to people of all faiths, cultures and spiritual philosophies – an inclusive art. These works could be interpreted as palimpsests; inscribed and re-inscribed with futuristic marks, brought together in new, surprising juxtapositions with multivalent meanings. I strive to carry my work into a ‘present’, where past and future will be accommodated and only a ‘present’ will reign.

To create a body of work that is local yet universal is my outcome. An art that speaks for today but also reaches an eternal class and culture.

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